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Hey everyone. So I have a 6 month old male Pomeranian. For the first four months separation anxiety wasn’t an issue, he knew quiet on command, was able to be in his playpen in the other room, would be totally content alone etc… However, he fractured his arm two months ago and has developed massive separation anxiety. If he can’t see me, he will cry hysterically and bark non stop. I know a huge part of the problem is that he is confined to his crate or his playpen for most of the day due to his arm healing, so he can’t burn out energy. But it’s driving me crazy and I feel so bad for my neighbors who have to listen to him when I leave the house. (I have a puppy camera and once I left for work and he wailed the whole time I was gone…) I’m starting to think a muzzle is my only option. (I’ve tried re training him with positive reinforcement already) I NEED HELPPPP.

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