Separation Anxiety

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My dog has relatively mild separation anxiety.

As in, if left out of the crate she might chew up a couple cords or anything else she can take to her bed, but she's never gone for the big stuff like furniture or walls. If in a crate, I believe it gets worse because she can't pace, so she's constantly scratching at the door (trying to pull it in to open it it seems), digging at the crate bottom, and turning in circles.

Do you think it'd be better for her to be loose and have everything as puppy proofed as possible and risk a couple cables getting chewed up every once in a while, or crate for the safety of our stuff (and her getting into stuff) but have her anxiety be worse?

Note: I'm working on her anxiety but sometimes I have to leave to do things like grocery shopping or taking the other dog to the vet and it's not feasible to take her everywhere with me.

Edit: Example of the worst she'll do in the crate from a couple minutes ago. Shows scratching at door, a little crying, scratching at bottom of crate, some circling, and a little mouthing of the blanket (occasionally she tears small bits of it up, she can't have beds in there for that reason)

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