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Nor a typical presentation, but I think that my dog (20 lbs, male, terrier mix) has some sort of separation anxiety. My boyfriend and I adopted him about 2 months ago, but unfortunately I do pretty much everything with him. My boyfriend will cuddle with him for a bit in the morning, and take him on a walk once or twice a week. I do everything else, and he trends to prefer me. However, I work 8 hour days, and my boyfriend stays home with him. It seems like every time I come home he has destroyed something or eaten something inedible. However, when I’m home after work, on weekends, or on days off, he mostly just sleeps all day. He also just sleeps when left in the kennel alone. However; when my boyfriend puts him in the kennel when he is home, he whines so he doesn’t spend much time there ( studio apartment, so he can see us).

What can I do so that he isn’t so attached to me/help train him to not destroy things when I’m at work other than telling my boyfriend he ALWAYS has to be crated or under direct supervision (I have tried to tell him, but it never seems to result in any change in his behavior).

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