Separating dogs that are friends

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My sister moved in to the spare bedroom a little less than a year ago, to save money before she moves across the country. She has a 3 or 4 year old rescue (Po), and just before she moved in, I got my own rescue (Lily) who is almost 18 months old now. The two of them are great friends, and play together all the time. Lily isn't much of a cuddler, but I've even caught her settling down next to Po and laying her head on him. I have no doubt she will miss him.

My roommate has a dog as well, he's a bit older and doesn't play as much as the other two. Lily plays with him a little but will drop everything to play with Po.

My sister and Po will be moving out in a couple of weeks. Is there anything I can do now, ahead of time, to make the separation easier on Lily?

Here's the two of them on a trip

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