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Sadly today, our amazing Weimaraner mix puppy Goku , 12 weeks this past Monday, passed away…. We found out the hard way today that he was a type A hemophiliac after a misdiagnosed hematoma went on a rampage. He was such a good boy and our entire family (wife and 3 kids) are absolutely devastated. I haven't been this depressed since my mom passed from cancer three years ago and I could really just use some positive energy.

He was the best boy, a smart, goofy, energetic puppy that I dreamed of going running with once he matured. He was so sweet and gentle with our three year old daughter, and last night my 9 year old girl and I finally taught him to lay. Fuck, I just can't believe he's gone now, and it's hard to believe that there could ever be another puppy that could compare… If you're curious to see what he looked like, his IG was ourboygoku_

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