Seeking encouragement from people who have had a similar experience or are feeling motivational.

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I have had a deposit down for a Vizsla puppy since March, hoping to get one from the litter in May. The litter didn’t have enough females for me this time around which was fine, I was more than happy to wait until August.

I put down a deposit after I got waitlisted for grad school. Flash forward and I was offered a spot and accepted.

I work full-time at a long-term psych facility and part-time at an emergency shelter for kids in child protection. Add grad school…I’m busy, but so many people who have dogs are and I would like to hear how people in similar situations experienced the puppy stage – what helped, what sucked, what was awesome, etc..

My boyfriend is thrilled about this puppy and currently works full-time but is otherwise usually home. We don’t live together but have keys to each other’s homes and spend our free time together.

Thank you thank you thank you for any encouragement.

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