SA dog and the death of my window screens [help]!

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It's the dead of winter, but I'm thinking ahead as we work on some home renos. We've lived in a 200 year-old house with no window screens through three black-fly seasons and three hot summers, and I won't do it again!

Someone GAVE us enough new windows to do the entire house. A few are operable (open) and have screens in them. One will be above the dog's couch, one above the kitchen sink, one in our bedroom, and there's a screen in the patio door that costs $40 each time to replace (ask me how I know!)

We have a 7yo heeler/border with pretty severe separation anxiety. She goes to daycamp, but we're up to 3 hours alone, usually without destruction. Her goal is to exit the house and run down the highway after us, and some days I sincerely expect her to show up at my work 2km away! Sometimes she just gets left in the house because there's something else going on — 2 hours while we chased a runaway pig the other day.

This week she ruined a window screen in a closed window – dug through it just to check that there was, indeed, a solid window on the other side. Last summer she jumped out a second story window (thank god there is porch under that one!)

She has a coffee table so she can see out of the big kitchen window, and similar supports under some other key ones to stop her climbing the piano and fridge.. She can SEE out of them just fine. But if she's going to test-dig through them all, how am I ever going to have windows with screens in them?

The guy at the hardware store says they have a "pet proof" screen that is heavier and much pricier. If that holds her out, is she going to destroy the whole frame of the screen? Should I just pre-emptively do all of them in this material?

She is not really kennel trained. It appears she used her face to bust out of it before we adopted her. She's normally fine in it after lots of slow work, but it's not exactly safe nor helping her anxiety.

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