Routine for 5 month old lab/dalmatian cross?

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Is this routine ok for my puppy?


I'm at a total loss with my 5 month old pup and yesterday I had another panic attack and came so close to calling a local rescue about rehoming him. I can't and won't do that but I'm determined to get this thing right. SO and I have decided to focus extra heavily on his training by setting a stricter routine (we had a routine when he was a tiny pup but my mental health has been bad for a month or 2 and he's missing out as a result).

I can give more background on him if needed but a little info about my Odin: he struggles with commands other than sit/paw/stay (stay isn't perfect), he pulls his lead badly, he's mostly housebroken but has occasional accidents, he gets aggressive in the afternoon if he hasn't napped, he nips my SO, he has growled twice at my 2y/o (they're never unsupervised and this happened over a month ago), he chews EVERYTHING other than his toys and he's just generally very high energy

7:30am: food in crate, outside for toilet, let out of crate

8am: 20min walk (leash training)

9am: 15min training (focusing on commands for now)

11:30am: outside for toilet, outside play (fetch/water play etc. and involve toddler)

12pm: food in crate, enforced nap

2:30pm: outside for toilet, 15min training (commands)

3pm: treat finding (he enjoys sniffing out hidden treats around the room)

5:30pm: food in crate, crated for 30mins while we eat (will work on reducing this but necessary for now)

6pm: 30-60min walk (depends on day of week, leash training)

8:30pm: 15min training (commands)

10:30pm: outside for toilet, crated overnight

I'm open to any and all suggestions and improvements. I want what's best for this little guy

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