Rough play biting making me not want to play with her

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I have a 3 month chocolate lab puppy. To summarize she is the perfect pup…until it comes to the biting. She starts calm, but during play time can get worked up to the point where she lunges at me biting anything she can (my hands, arms, legs, knees, you name it.) I am COVERED in small bite marks because she breaks the skin. I know she just wants to jump and get me to play, but im almost afraid of her because of how she gets when shes amped up. I've been working on redirecting, and removing myself when the play gets rough. I know it will take weeks for this to set in, but its been so hard with COVID and not being able to have socialization ( I live in Chicago and nothing has been open since march) I really hope she eventually settles down, because its mentally and physically exhausting trying to not react when her jaws are clenched to my elbow. Shes really good at taking to enforced naps and crate training, but I've noticed she doesn't just do this when shes over tired. Its becoming alllll the time 🙁 I feel like everyone elses puppy on here isnt as bad as mine is with rough biting. Makes me nervous it will be a behavioral problem.

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