Roommate’s dogs are terrible. Not a dog person and looking for advice.

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Hey all! I moved in with my best friend who recently bought a house. I never had dogs growing up, so I'm unsure of what's normal or what to do.

Initially, roommate had just one pitbull when I moved in. Took a bit for me to get used to it, and vice-versa, but I had no problem with him. The only issue with the original pitbull is that it will bark and bark and bark if you are trying to have a conversation with someone else in front of it. It won't stop until you tell it to come over and pet it. If you stop petting it, the barking continues. If roommate or I have company over, he will jump all over that person, and my roommate will laugh even if the person isn't comfortable with it. When my roommate leaves the house, the pitbull will mope around until roommate comes home, and then go completely apeshit running around the house and barking.

Roommate realized this and decided to get a second pitbull to keep original pitbull company since roommate isn't home often during the week. Second pitbull has been in the house for ~2 months now. Every single day she has at least peed in the house after roommate leaves. She has chewed up my nice living room table, all of the couches in the house, several pairs of shoes and pooped in several different places (all when roommate is not here). I basically lock myself in my room when my roommate isn't home because she will aggressively bark at me when I leave my room. If I walk downstairs she will follow me and nip at my legs. I try to ignore it, but it sometimes hurts and I will yell "NO!" This doesn't stop her, and tonight she actually hurt me.

My roommate does not discipline these dogs. Roommate feeds them every time they beg for food. If the new dog poops or pees in the house, roommate simply cleans it up and that's that. If new dog chews something up, roommate tells original dog to "tell the new dog not what to do." If the original dog goes on one of his barking fits, roommate will just laugh and tells it to stop, but it doesn't stop and roommate continues to laugh. If the two dogs chase each other around the house, growling and biting each other (I think playfully) he just laughs. Neither dog listens to him. I told him he needs to get them training, but he said he can't because he cannot afford it.

I am thinking my only option here is to say get them training, or I have to move out. Am I wrong here dog owners of Reddit? Help!

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