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Hi everyone! It's been a while since I've posted here. My little baby has turned into a big puppy. He's 9 months old around 30 kgs and has a height better than the average lab currently – my vet is very happily surprised by his growth. That's all great, we're very close and we both spoil each other with affection but lately I'm facing some biting and behaviour problems. When I come back home from somewhere or enter the area where he is he jumps on me and pulls whatever clothes I'm wearing. I just came home from an errand and he ripped a shirt I was wearing for absolutely no reason. I don't know how to stop it. No doesn't work, redirection is impossible because he keeps jumping at me and I can't keep standing still because he keeps pulling at the cloth waiting for it to tear. Once or twice he's pulled skin giving me nasty bruises. When people come to visit he greets everyone by jumping all over them and grabbing at their clothes which is why I have to crate him then. Ive tried retraining him but it's not working. I've ruined so many outfits and he's generally a social dog so he loves meeting people and I hate depriving him of that but I can't do anything else because he scares whoever comes over with his excitement. Please help! I love my baby and I want to fix it, I hate telling him off or ignoring him so I just want this behaviour to stop fast so I don't have to do this anymore

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