Reverse potty training (#2 only)

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My 7-month old shih tzu puppy seems to be reverse potty training with his pooping.

He was doing really well a few weeks ago with both peeing and pooping. We haven’t had a pee accident in well over a month, but pooping is an issue now. He doesn’t seem to be following my older dogs’ lead with the #2s. We go for walks in the evening and he will poo during the walk, guaranteed. But in the morning it’s a toss up. Sometimes he doesn’t go all day and then have one poo at night, but other days he does have a morning poo but will do it within 20 minutes of first bathroom break. He’s done this a few times this week and I’m at a loss how to make him interested in pooping in the yard again. He has recently learned to pee with one leg up and I’m wondering if it’s a sign of overall behavior change? I did have similar issue with my older dog, but she eventually came around and is now 100% house trained. Things really took a turn for the better after she was spayed, so maybe the same will happen with the younger male? I’m hoping that as he matured and with consistency, he’ll come around. Any advice?

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