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I have a now 6 month old golden retriever, and my grandparents(I'm 14 and I live with them) gave him(and our other dog) a bone with a little meat still on it. All this today. 1st time I tried to take it= He didn't want to give it to me, but once I got hold of it and said the codeword "thank you" he gave it to me. 2nd= Same as 1st 3rd= Little growling. Didn't give it. 4th= Same as 1st and 2nd 5th= This was the other dog. I was trying to take the bone from the puppy, and he growled. Then the otherdog tried to come sniff the bone. Puppy snapped at him.

Btw with all of the tries there was a break between them and idk if neccessary but the other dog is an 3 yo english springer spaniel.

Can anyone help me?

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