Reserving certain high value treats for specific behaviours / training – worthwhile or not?

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This is not advice I have received or read anywhere, but it makes sense to me. However, I am new to dog training and will defer to Reddit's combined expertise…

Our newly adopted dog's main issue is reactivity to other dogs. He is super aggressive and we are working on this through positive reinforcement (rewarding with treats for good behaviour around others).

Our dog loves chicken. All online guidance recommends using real meat as a high-value treat in all training. If we use chicken in all training scenarios, will this not quickly de-value the chicken?

Is there any benefit to reserving chicken for reactivity-desensitisation training only, and using some other high-value treat (eg. ham) for more general training? This way, he will learn the only time he gets chicken is when he sees other dogs and reacts appropriately.

I'd love to hear your thoughts.


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