Rescue “Shepard mix” skittish and snappy towards men. Extremely attached to me (25 F).

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This February I adopted a “Shepard mix” from a “jail dog” program (look up Gwinnett county jail dogs. You’re welcome). Little Luna had lived in a shelter for three years before being adopted into the jail dog program. She gained 14 lbs in three months. She was 33, she’s now 47 (she’s chonky and I’m working on it I promise). They gave her so many treats because she’s VERY skittish around large men. I brought her home and this has continued to be the case. She is VERY attached to me and rarely leaves my side. She’s reluctant to go outside without me and whines at the door the entire time if I leave her out in the yard. She cowers when large men come close. Barks whenever one approaches her in the yard. At night she growls at the slightest noise. And yesterday she tried to nip at my uncles hand when he walked by her.

I’ve given her the typical three months to chill out and she’s come a long way with general anxiety… but, guys…. I don’t know what else to do. I want her to be a happy girl when I’m not around! Help?!

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