Rescue gave me a different dog than how I asked: how to make it work?

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Hi! I know the title sounds bad but basically: I’m a first time dog owner, my girl has been with me for 3 months now. I got her at a rescue, I told them I had no experience and I needed a small dog who could handle living in an apartment, and be content with about 2 hrs outside everyday and plenty of quality time inside with me (I work from home). A few candidates were deemed suitable, and I fell for this 3 year old snoopy looking lady that had been found half dead and pregnant across a road a few months prior. She is super sweet and I love her so much already, the problem is: she is likely a pointer or beagle mix or some other similar looking hound breed; this means that her energy levels are over the top, not even close to what I had imagined (my bf has a Frenchie and I was used to couch potatoes) and she is never satisfied, no matter how many walkies we take or how many hours she spends running at the park with her friends. Im her only caretaker and we currently spend 3 hours outside everyday and it’s a little more than I can afford between working and other responsibilities, but even with this much time, shes not tired and could easily go for more. At home, I can’t engage her in anything but training with me (we know most tricks already, she is a super quick learner): toys bore her, so do kongs and interactive games. I can only interest her in scent seeking but the house isn’t mine and she can be a little disruptive while searching so I fear she could damage stuff. I don’t want to give her back because apart from this were a great match: how to keep her engaged with fun stuff while at home?

Eta: all my knowledge about breeds and temperaments is recent, I didn’t know anything about that prior to adopting. I realize that this is totally my fault but I also trusted the rescue to advice me according to my needs, which hasn’t properly happened, hence why I feel a little betrayed. As I said before tho, I love my dog and she’s the best, she’s just a little…extra

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