Rescue Dog Extremely Protective of Family

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We rescued a 3 month-old Jagdterrier mix who had been living on the streets without litter-mates we were told. Everything about him is perfect! He's extremely well behaved, for the most part, however, we are one month into having him and we found that he's extremely protective of us. And lacks socialization with other dogs. The dogs around my neighborhood are not too aggressive, but when they walk by our yard or he sees them through the windows walking person or dog he will go nuts from crying to barking excessively, trying to protect us. Maybe because he fears we will leave or abandon him by this dog or person, but we have tried redirection and attempted socialization. But when we do try to socialize him with other dogs he tries to hump and dominate the other dog (not neutered yet). No one really wants to bring their dogs around him because of this. And if he cannot get near the dog he will cry and force his way to "hump" the dog.

Any help in how we combat this over-protectiveness attitude and hyper socialization with other dogs would help greatly!

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