Rescue dog doesn’t like to sleep

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My partner and I adopted a 3 year old malinois from a rescue organisation about a week ago. She was apparently found as a stray before that, and she doesn’t have very much training, so we’re working on a lot of the basics right now (focusing, and “leave it”) and she’s doing well, all things considered. Her biggest problem seems to be at nighttime; she just hates closing her eyes and actually sleeping, even though she’s clearly exhausted. Last night, for example, she could barely keep her eyes open (she would do these adorable slow blinks and then sort of shake herself to wake up again) but still just wouldn’t settle down at all. She’s not crate trained yet, and currently only likes being in her crate at mealtimes, but she does have another mat that she curls up on occasionally for a nap during the day, just not when it’s actually time to go to bed. Any advice on how to reduce her anxiety around going to sleep, or how to settle down better at nighttime?

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