Remember to Enjoy the Puppy Stage

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Puppies won't be puppies forever. One day, it'll all be in the past. Today I cried because I felt like I really missed out since I was so stressed during puppy blues. I wish I'd taken more time to laugh at the ridiculous amount of accidents and silly things chewed. My little guy chewed my frickin phone once 😂 I wish I'd laughed a lot of things off. I wish I didn't have him in his playpen so much. I wish I took the time off school to soak up and watch every puppy moment. My puppy is a year and 1 month, and we're pretty much to the point of just fine tuning some things (loose leash walking, staying, and recall no matter what) and barking. He's such a good boy. Puppies are stressful, believe me I know, but just remember to enjoy it too. Good luck to all of you!

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