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it was between getting a norwegian elkhound and an australian shepherd for me. i decided on an aussie as they’re more trainable than an elkhound. i regret this decision more than i regret anything else in my life.

for one, scout is the most hard headed, stubborn, stupid dog i’ve ever encountered. not joking when i say that a bag of rocks is smarter than this dog. it took over 14 total hours of training to get him to sit on command. he has been a NIGHTMARE to potty train, he has the most unbearably loud ear piercing bark on the planet, and he only barks when he’s alone. i live with four bichons, i’m no stranger to barks. but something about his bark makes me wish i was deaf. he’s an escape artist, he’s stupid, he’s yappy and his pissing/shitting outside abilities havent come far AT ALL in the three months he’s been with us. he’s also a velcro dog, which i’ve realised i HATE as i’d rather my dog NOT be up my ass constantly.

elkhounds bark, sure. they don’t bark out of boredom, elkhounds bark to alert. they have deep, powerful barks, which i find much more bearable than yaps. the howl, sure, but i can appreciate a good howl. elkhounds are super clean and easy to potty train, which i wish more than anything. they’re also more independent, which i’d appreciate.

if i could go back to the day i made a decision and put a deposit down for scout’s breeder instead of Hypothetical Elkhound’s breeder, i wouldn’t’ve gotten scout. i love him, but i detest 50% of his personality/traits/etc.

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