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I have a 6 months of pom and i took him to the vet to neuter him today. Turns out he has cryptorchidism and his balls didn’t drop, his baby teeth all intact still. I will need to put him under again in few months if his baby teeth don’t come out.

Also i just learned that i’m not supposed to make my puppy run until they are 1 year old. theres a big field where people run their dogs freely behind my apartment, so i always bring my pup and my toy poodle cross so they can run and chase each other.

But I learned that running is really bad for their joints and hips.. so i won’t be bringing him there anymore but i’m worried sick that it already effected him negatively to his joints and hip. (Since poms are so prone to luxating patella)

Not sure how to keep him busy now because even though i take him out for a 15 min walk 4 times a day, he still has energy and runs around my apartment chasing my other dog. But my apartment is hardwood and he slips around- which is why i brought them to the grass field…

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