Reassurance for a stressed puppy owner?

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I am a first time puppy owner of a 8 month old Shiba Inu. My husband has had dogs and other pets before so he is more experienced and chill about everything but I just get overwhelmed. She came into our home June 8th. I know she is on the older side of being a "puppy" so not sure if I can still post here.

We walk her twice a day, once in the morning, once at night after dinner, for about 30-40 min at a time. She is house trained and will do her business on our walks, rarely does she do it in the backyard. We play fetch or tug of war for maybe 1-2 hrs total during the day. She knows basic commands like "sit", "down", "paw", and learning "drop it".

Sometimes she still gets the zoomies, especially right after the night walk. Are we stimulating her too much? The chewing… She chews on a lot of things. She is generally very chill and relaxed for most of the day but I can tell when she has that glint in her eye and she is up to no good. I have to follow her in case she chews on something bad. So far she has chewed up a book, a hole in a blanket, and my contact lens case!!! Is this puppy behaviour that will go away? Or is this something I can train her not to do? I have been telling her to "drop it" with a treat, but it's not fully ingrained yet. It stresses me out thinking about what she will chew up next when I am not looking. I do have a Kong that I stuff and give it to her sometimes, and I have given her bully sticks and bones as well that will keep her occupied for a good half hour. She is such a curious and playful dog. On our walks every time she sees another dog she is instantly doing the "play bow" and it's hard to get her out of it unless the other dog walks away or is too far away. When the dog walks by, she runs towards it, sniffs them, but isn't being aggressive, just playful. She does not bark (she generally does not bark). I don't ever see the other dogs do this, is this bad behaviour and what can I do to curb it?

Sorry this has been so long. I am trying to do research on my own but I think maybe I am overthinking and overworrying about everything.

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