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My pup (Eddie) just turned 3 months today and while still a demon, he's fantastic, this is a small brag because he's been a terror and anything that he does well makes me so happy. I live in a small apartment (moving to a large two story tomorrow) on a busy street. In order to socialize him, we sit on the front steps and watch the cars go by, he doesn't even flinch at loud trucks or sirens anymore. Well, this morning as we sat out front, a man walked past with his clearly adult dog. The dog was pulling and lunging toward Eddie (we were on the steps and I had my hand holding his harness) and the owner looked like he was having a hard time getting him under control. My pup sat next to me and listened to his focus command (where he has to turn his whole body and look directly into my eyes)! He barely payed the other dog any attention. Obviously he was curious, but it wasn't a necessity for him to investigate. Even after the passing dog was about 3 houses down he continued to look back and pull to get toward Eddie, while Eddie just watched and looked back at me to get his treat. I'm so proud of him and it really made my morning!

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