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Hi All,

My wife and I are excited to get a new puppy this xmas. This will be my wife's second dog and my first experience with a puppy. To say the least, very excited and terrified : )

My one concern/question is around our next door neighbor and their excessively loud dogs. She has 3 rescues that she doesn't walk too often so they spend their time in her backyard a few times a day getting their "exercise". They are reactive to sounds, one yipping and howling, while the other barks. It's none stop throughout the day.

While my wife and I will be home for another 6 months working remotely until we can go back to the offices, my worry is that the barking will trigger our dog to join in. Our previous dog was only reactive when the door bell rang from excitement but otherwise was a great companion throughout his life.

Are there any resources, tips, tricks, etc. on how to get ahead of this and mitigate from happening?

Thanks in advance.

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