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So we have had Drogo (2yo Lab/GSD) roughly 6 weeks. In the last week or so he’s become possessive of me but ONLY when I’m laying in bed with him.

I’ll be laying in bed with Drogo watching TV etc. , my husband will randomly come in the room to talk to me, Drogo barks and growls at him, when DH touches me(like on my leg) he whines. He’s totally okay with DH touching/petting him though. He gets excited when DH lays in bed. Lately he will RUN to the bedroom if he hears DH lay down in bed and seems to want to lay with him.

He doesn’t sleep with us at night, and rarely gets on the bed unless we’re in the bedroom with him. He even waits sometimes for me to tell him he can come up.

We’ve seen no other aggression towards my husband, and he often will submissively urinate when my husband is playing with him, putting his leash on, etc.

I’m not sure if this is possession over me, or over the bed or a combination?

We go back to our trainer on Wednesday and I plan on talking to her about it but was wondering if anyone has had anything similar or advice on how to handle it until we go back to training? It’s becoming more frequent and I don’t want to accidentally encourage the behavior. We’re torn between scolding or having DH pet him and reassuring him it’s okay.

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