Random Aggression?

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Hey all-

I have a 1 y/o rescue who I have been bringing to the dog park forever. With the recent lockdowns, parks were closed and we weren't able to get there for a couple months. Now that they have started to reopen, I have been back a couple times and I am noticing some strange behavior. Mind you, my dog used to LOVE the park and there was never really a bad incident.

He started to growl at a puppy the other day for no apparent reason. The puppy was greeting my dog and he started to growl like I have never heard before. He growled at two people sitting on a bench. Thank God they were dog people, and even reached out to let my dog sniff them which calmed him down a bit. He is growling towards dogs drinking water out of the bowls. We have another dog at home and neither of them have any problem drinking/ eating out of the same bowls.

This is ver, very new behavior and I am looking for any tips one of you might have. I have never heard the dog growl before bringing him to the park these past couple times.

Any help is welcome and thank you in advance.

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