Raising a puppy while working

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Hey! So after many years of procrastinating, I have caved and getting a puppy in two weeks.

Due to COVID, I am currently working from home one week and working at work the next. One week on, one week off essentially. Now the week I get the puppy I will be working from home, that is awesome. But I’m worried that in my second week it may struggle with me not being there. I have a large bathroom so I can put him in there to allow for him going to the toilet, but should I be trying to get home during my lunch break?

It will only be left alone for 5 hours due to my housemate coming home, but I’m worried that’s too long for a new pup. I have the option to drive home during my break, but it will be a super quick visit.

I work in a dog friendly warehouse so will be taking him into work eventually, but not until he receives his last vaccines.

Any tips for the first couple of weeks would be amazing!

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