raising a puppy in total isolation with no socialization

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So this person adopted a 4 month old puppy. Previously he had dogs but he hasn't had a new dog in about 20 years. Right now he lives in alone in a city and is choosing to completely self-isolate due to Covid-19. No friends, no family, no shopping, only the absolute minimum. The puppy got some socialization at the rescue it was adopted from and seems healthy and well-adjusted going into the new home.

So far it seems like an impulsive, rushed decision. He bought supplies but he doesn't seem to have any preparation or plan for puppy training and is just hanging out with it and showing it off on social media. He seems to think that it's so inherently smart that it will just learn everything fast and easy on its own and he won't have to put in the work. His plan is to hang out with it at home for a couple weeks, and then leave for an extended, off-the-grid camping/road trip. He is going alone and intends to avoid parks, campsites and all contact with other humans or pets until the coronavirus pandemic is over. It could be months before he has any social contact. All by choice, not necessity.

I know we're going through a difficult situation and isolation for pets and humans alike is a problem all over the place. Is it just me or is this a selfish thing to do to the puppy? Isn't the first year a crucial stage for a dog's development? He says he plans to come back to the city once the pandemic is over but I can't help but think by then the dog would have some serious adjustment issues.

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