Rain and a little pittie

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Any advice would be appreciated.

6 month old pup, hates, hates, hates rain and wetness. Im trying to come up with a plan to train him to at least go outside to potty in the rain, but if he would walk in the rain, that would be a plus.

Today it poured in the morning, and i got him out to his usual potty spot with some highly desirable treats, but when he realized that treat time was over, ran right back to the house without doing anything after 10hrs in the crate.

FINALLY, after the rain lightened up a bit (still drizzling), we were able to go outside, pee and poop with about half a bag of little sausages…but it took about an hour and LOTS of begging for him to do it. Lots of praising after too.

Is there a better way? Should I try to expose him every time it rains? Im also afraid to scare him with too much exposure, and have him have adverse reaction to the rain.

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