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So I have two dogs now. Both huskies, one is an 11 year old who has had 2 ACL surgeries. The other is 18 months. The older one never learned to loose leash walk. He's an absolute gentle giant and a loveable idiot but this has started to really impact my time with the puppy. because it's extremely difficult to walk them both at the same time. Especially while trying to train the puppy to loose leash walk.

Granted this is all my fault and I'm obviously paying for it now but i want to know how to approach teaching the 11 year old because I'm concerned about hurting him. Walking them both together means I cant reinforce the right behaviours with the younger one. Plus, if the older one gets in front of us the puppy kind of has a tantrum to catch up whereas walking him on his own I have no issues.

Obviously I can just walk them separately but it's not ideal for a number of reasons.

So what are your thoughts here?

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