Question on Change of Behaviour During Leash Training

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Hi there, I’m wondering if anyone could chime in and help with this!

My puppy is a 13wk cockapoo.

She’s been able to go outside for walks for a week now so I’ve been leash training outside once a day. What I’ve noticed is that for around 5 -8 minutes she’s really great at walking next to me. Perfect even. Then it’s like a switch flips and she absolutely will not do it and just pulls and pulls non stop.

I end up carrying her home at this point because I take one step and she runs forward so I stop, and this repeats over and over so it would take forever to get back to the house!

Id love to hear your advice. Should I just aim to be home within that first 5-8 minutes instead? Or should I stick it out and continue not letting her pull on the way home no matter how long it takes?

I’m wondering if after those 5-8 minutes she is over stimulated from being outside as it’s all still very new.

Or perhaps it’s the other way around and I should get her running around more beforehand to tire her out. I’m not sure.

For info, she also gets a separate time outside each day purely for sniffing and exploring so we’re not only going outside for leash training.

Thanks for any input!

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