Question for those with older puppies, who also have full-time jobs

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My lurcher is coming up for 8mo. I have a question for those with older puppies or dogs about when you go to work.

At the moment on week days, we leave our puppy in my puppy-proofed living room whilst we work from home upstairs, to get her into the routine of being alone whilst we're at work. It has been like 2 weeks since we had a destroying incident (RIP TV remote), whether that's because our puppy proofing has been more successful or she's getting a bit more grown up, I'm not sure. She mostly naps all day and doesn't ever show signs of separation anxiety anymore.

I come down at about 1pm everyday, make our lunch, then go into our garden with her to eat it. She'll sometimes pee when I take her out.

I'm obviously conscious that when COVID-19 is over, we won't be at home all the time. We'll be out of the house from about 9am until 5.30pm Monday to Friday.

Before lockdown started and she was a young puppy, she'd usually come into the office with us so that is an option, but that proved a bit more hassle than it was worth (not her, more my colleagues being annoying and fussing over her and waking her up during naps etc) so I don't really want to continue that.

I was thinking that I could possibly hire someone in the area to come in at 1pm everyday to let her out to pee, as I've been doing myself. But I don't know if that would actually be necessary, as she can hold her pee for long periods of time and has proven that many times. I think she only sometimes pees at 1pm because I take her out there and sometimes she doesn't pee at all at lunchtime. When she does it's always a very short pee, she just squats down for like 5 seconds.

I'm also looking into local doggy day cares but it isn't an option for us more than one day a week, as more than that would be a bit out of our budget.

So I was wanting other working owners' experiences, what is it best to do when you leave your dog alone for the day?

And anyone who doesn't work full-time, please don't come into this thread saying I shouldn't have got a dog if I couldn't be with her for 8 hours a weekday. She has a great life, long run in the fields behind my house every morning and the same every night, and our weekends are basically all about socialising her, training her, playing with her and taking her for adventures. I also researched breeds before getting her and we got a lurcher specifically because they notoriously like to sleep and nap a lot and don't mind some time alone. Thanks!

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