Put puppy in her pen to sleep, woke up with her in bed NEXT TO ME—feeling like worst parent

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I’ve been crate training with mixed success. Pup usually sleeps in her crate in the bathroom, which is puppy proofed and gated. Sometimes she puts up a fuss in the crate and wants to sleep in her bed next to her crate. I relented and let her do this last night for the first time, which went fine, so I let her do it again tonight.

Well for the first time ever, she got out of the bathroom/play pen. I woke up in the middle of the night and noticed she’d moved the freestanding fence over to the side so she could wiggle out. She’s 5 pounds—I did NOT think she could do this.

The adjoining bedroom I sleep in is NOT puppy proofed. There is stuff all over the floor. I freaked out and leapt out of bed, switched on the lights, and frantically started calling for her. She pops up her head—she’s on the raised king sized bed where I’ve been sleeping.

I think she got up on the ottoman at the foot of the bed and could jump on the bed from there.

I have no idea how long she was out of the pen or what she could have gotten into while she was out and I was sleeping. The room is a mess, and she’s never allowed to be be free-range in there so there’s stuff like tissues and hair rubber bands on the floor. I’m freaking out and feeling like an absolute failure. The one thing I’m trying to tell myself is maybe she was too tired to go exploring/ingesting—she had a play date with another puppy last night before bed.

I’m watching her like a hawk too scared to go back to sleep, and honestly a little shaky and nauseous. Feeling like a total idiot—she was sleeping NEXT TO ME for who knows how long and I had no idea.

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