Puppy’s First Birthday and what we’ve learned over the last 10 months!

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We reached 1 year old! I've been thinking back to what worked for us and wanted to share our findings with you.

*1. We did 100 smells in 100 days. This meant that we tried exposing her to as many different people as we could. Lucky for us we went to a few big events where she got to meet at least 30-50 people in a day. Now, you might say that she wouldn't have had all her shots so that's risky, and yes, you are correct. After talking with our vet and learning that parvo was uncommon here, we decided the socializing was more important. We carried her around and let her play on a blanket if we sat down.

*2. Enforced naps and don't let them out if they cry! Usually, she was tired and fell asleep anyways. We decided she needed to be quiet for 1 minute before she was let out (and making the time progressively longer until she no longer whines in there).

*3. Potty training was our no. 1 priority. We watched her like a hawk and anytime she sniffed the ground, we took her outside. We also used an app to track her pees and poops which was SO useful in figuring out her routine (was she overtired or did she need to poo??). Because of this. She hasn't had an accident since she was 9 weeks old.

Overall, we tried to not let her make mistakes so that she wouldn't learn that the mistake is even an option to make. (Ex. We never left food on the counter, so she hasn't even considered jumping up to find something, even though we leave food out all the time now). It was also surprising how natural some of our instincts were! You can really tell how humans and dogs have devolved when raising a puppy.

Tax: the birthday girl! https://imgur.com/a/3pPGGjb

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