Puppy yelping with no issue

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So out 6 month old corgi has just started yelping and pulling away when we touch his legs really softly.

He walks around fine, plays and lets me touch legs during play or while I’m feeding treats, then will suddenly loud yelp when I test it again later. No limping, no visible swelling or abrasions, and nothing that happened that would lead us to think he had an injury.

He’s been to the vets twice and they couldn’t find anything wrong with him, but they have him on some pain killers just in case.

Could he just be going through a dramatic phase where he doesn’t like touching not on his terms? He’s not had a prob with it before, but I’ve heard adolescence can make them weird in lots of ways.

He was in the vets a couple of weeks ago to get some compacted hairs removed, so maybe he’s expecting pain or trauma from touching at the mo? A true mystery!

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