Puppy won’t stop piddling

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I’m at my wit’s end. My 6 month old GSD/Ridgeback mix picked up the habit of piddling every time she sees one of my roommates about a month ago.

When it first started it would be immediately after I let her out to pee, she’d come back inside and find the first person to pee on. It’s slowly evolved to any time of day, any time she’s excited.

I’m at my wits end. This happens 2-3 times a day now and I’m not going to lie when it happens I’ve been slapping her butt hard because I don’t know what else to do anymore. I’ve tried taking her back out to pee, and rewarding the action, I’ve tried keeping her near me at all times with a toy or treat, I tried doing what the vet recommended and having my roommates ignore her, nothing has worked.

In the last 30 minutes she did it 3 times. First when she saw my roommate, she peed mid running over to her. I yelled at her, took her out to pee, she refused and just stared at me with puppy dog eyes and was wagging her tail, so I put her in the kennel. Then 10 minutes later I let her out of her kennel, out to pee, then again to see the roommate. She peed on the roommate immediately. Repeat the process, plus a smack on the butt, and back in the kennel for another 10 minutes. Back out one more time, very calmly and slowly because at this point she’s scared I’ll hit her again (I know I’m a horrible person, I feel like shit) and as soon ash roommate extended a hand, she peed again. I immediately took her outside, and this time she let out a drop of pee, so I took her back to the kennel.

I know I need to control my anger, and I feel like shit hurting my dog when I was abused as a kid too. I’m just so done with this, I feel like I’ve failed despite her being an all-around well behaved pup.

Any advice would be helpful. How to stop the peeing, how to get her to not be afraid of me/my roommates, and how to keep yourself calm when they act up like this

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