Puppy won’t stop biting leash

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I have a 6 month old golden retriever puppy. Obviously he has super high energy levels, and the best way to control his behavior has been plenty of exercising from walks. However, over the past few weeks, every time I take him outside to go for a walk he goes crazy biting the leash and makes going for a walk completely impossible. I have tried using different leash/collar/harness, same results. He has done very well training in every other area, but I can’t seem to shake this habit. I usually try redirecting his attention with sit,down,etc., but as soon as I stop giving commands and put the treats away, he goes right back to attacking the leash. He loves tug of war and I honestly feel like he thinks it’s a game of pulling the leash away from me, and the more I try to fight it to get him to stop, the more he wants to bite it.

Any advice greatly appreciated. I am desperate.

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