Puppy won’t sleep in crate in the day

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Since the first day we got her, our five month pup (toy poodle) has slept in her crate perfectly at night. She doesn’t need the toilet, and she won’t whine at all. She currently sleeps 9pm-8am without complaint which is a dream – but this also means we know she likes her crate well enough. In the day time, she’ll cry and cry and cry in there. It is comfy and is covered on the top with shirts that smell like us. We have tried crate training games but she is really not food motivated and there’s not much we can do as she won’t follow food in there. It’s a bit of a problem because when putting her down to sleep in the day she’ll bark for ages and seems to work herself up into a bit of a frenzy, once she’s finally quiet she’ll go crazy at the quietest of noises. Any tips or crate training game ideas please? The only difference between night and day is that at night she is upstairs and in the day downstairs. We want her to like her crate because it’s safer to leave her in there when we need to go out on occasion.

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