Puppy won’t nap unless in his crate

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Our puppy (Dalmatian mix) is 5 months old and, for the most part, seems to be displaying very age appropriate behavior. The main issue we’re unsure about is that he won’t ever nap unless we “force” him to, by putting him in his crate. He will get very cranky, so we know he’s exhausted, but won’t nap on his own. Once he’s in his crate, he will crash. He’s crate trained for the most part, I wouldn’t say he loves his crate (he doesn't go in there of his own volition), but he tolerates it well. He sleeps well enough and easily at night, either in his crate or in bed with us. Sometimes he will fall asleep in our bed, before we’re even settled in bed, but only when it’s late.

He has been like this since we first adopted him at 10.5 weeks old.

So the issue doesn’t seem sleep related. He just won’t ever nap on his own (outside his crate), even in the beds we keep around the house, or if he’s sitting on the couch with us. I always hear about puppies falling asleep anywhere and everywhere but our puppy never does (or did that).

Is his behavior normal? If not, is there any training we can do to encourage him to settle himself?

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