Puppy won’t leave alone!

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Hi all, just looking for a bit of advice. I have a 8 week old Pug named Milo, i got him on Thursday and he's stuck to me like glue. I have spend all of my time with him since Thursday, however he won't spend time on his own at all. He constantly wants to come and sit on the sofa and won't stop trying to jump up constantly.

Everytime i put him in his bed he pees in it and i need to wash it, last night he was on the sofa with me, he fell asleep so i moved him to his bed and within 5 minutes he woke up and peed in his bed instantly. he won't sit in there on his own. (this is the FIFTH time he has done so, and he hasn't peed on the the sofa or near me, only on his pee pad in other instances.)

If i do let him up on the sofa he will constantly lick the leather or bite at his paws, i keep trying to distract him with toys or by playing with him but he will bite me quite hard or just ignores the toy. I have tried clapping or saying "NO" but he just ignores me.

Is this some sort of separation anxiety? I just don't know what to do with him as i have to work on Tuesday (from home) however i can't be constantly having him on my lap.

Please help!

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