Puppy won’t go for a walk but is fine with a leash

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So my family got a Siberian husky puppy last month, around 4 months old now, and just as the title says she won’t go for a walk. TL;DR at the bottom as well.

We started by having her run around with the harness for the leash on in the house/yard to get used to it, she was a little uncomfortable at first but now doesn’t mind it. Then we added the leash and ran around with her in the yard with it on and she would play like normal and was pretty much fine with it. But then we tried to take her out into the front yard and she just laid down and would not budge. My dad once tried carrying her out the front door onto the sidewalk and tried to get her to walk with treats and she just laid down and wouldn’t move.

We tried leading her with treats, throwing her favorite toys a little out the door; and from both the front door and back gate. No dice. My girlfriend thinks she might just associate going out the front door of a house with getting in a car, since the first time she wore a leash was to go home with us in a car.

We are by no means experienced dog trainers and this is our first dog so it’s all pretty new to us. And all the videos i can find on YouTube are about leash anxiety when idk if that’s what’s going on. So I wanted to post here to see if people had any tips for training her to see that walks are an enjoyable thing.

TL;DR: My husky is fine with the leash on, but won’t go out the door or gate. We’ve tried bribing her with treats and toys and it’s not working and I’m not sure what to do. Any advice is highly appreciated.

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