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We had recently gotten a puppy who’s about six months old, and she seems to have an unlimited amount of energy. It seems that no amount of walks, playing outside, or fetch can wear her out. I admit that I love a playful pup full of energy, but this causes frequent problems. She occasionally has massive bursts of energy where she sprints everywhere and disobeys every command, she wants to be outside 24/7 even in below 0 weather or else she cries, she always needs to chew something including fingers or clothes, she rarely naps, and worst is that she loves to take her energy out on my tiny older dog who has about a 25 lb weight difference. (Older dog is 15 lbs, puppy is 40lbs) she likes to run full speed into him or swing with her paws. He air bites and growls but she just doesn’t get that he doesn’t like it and we can’t calm her down. Is there anything we can try to at least calm her for a while, not go outside constantly, or teach her to stop being aggressive with my smaller dog? Any help is appreciated.

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