Puppy with loss of appetite but normal energy level

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Hey everyone,

I have a 6mo old golden and he used to scarf down his food. For the past 2 weeks he's had a significant reduction in appetite – probably eating like 10-20% of his daily intake (BUT STILL WILD).

Context: early May I took him to the vet bc he was throwing up once a day for 11 days (still same high energy level but loss of appetite). Checked out his bloodwork and xrays and everything came back okay. Vet said he probably had severe inflammation in his GI and should have passed whatever was causing the pain.

I tried feeding him from different bowls, have mixed in goat milk, Greek nonfat yogurt with his kibble and still no interest. And always take away his bowl after 10 mins of not eating.

I'm reluctant in feeding him with extra stuff like that in his kibble bc I don't want him to think that if he refuses food he'll get something better or even hand feeding.

Curious to see if anyone has had similar issues with their pups not eating but still active. Need help!

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