Puppy will not stay in the crate and only sleeps in the playpen!

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Hi everyone,

Me and my wife recently got a 8 week old mini bernedoodle puppy. We have had her for 4 days. She is generally great/sweet until tug battles and puppy nipping get intense.

We live on the third floor of an apartment building where we have quick door access to go to a side alley of our building within less than 30 seconds. Our apartment is located in a busy metropolitan area where concrete surfaces is the majority of the terrain. We have been trying to teach our pup to go outside and avoid using pee pads and we are setting our alarms at night to take her out every 2-3 hours. With our current crate setup we have the playpen attached the outer edges of the crate versus having the crate sit in the center of the playpen.

We tried putting our pup in the second night and she lost her mind with really bad gutteral crying which we caved to. This was foolish on our part because we didn't associate a positive feeling with the crate to her. However, we have been making more strides to build that positive image by putting treats/toys in the crate, feeding her in the crate, etc. We haven't gone as far to close the door on her in the crate even for temporary moment. We have even tried the puppy heartbeat toy. However, with all this she refuses to hang out in the crate for more than a few minutes let alone a nap. Even when putting a restrictive size of the playpen to entice her to sleep in the crate she still chooses to sleep on the hardwood of the pens floor.

Do I simply as a nightitme procedure put her in the crate and close the door? or maybe try in the middle of the day to allow her to sit in her crate and we can potentially wait her out by leaving for 15-20 min and closing he crate door? Finally can I rely that that she won't pee on herself in the crate if it's off the right proportion? It's hard to understand how long this process can take all together.

Please help with any info you may have.

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