Puppy unwell in the mornings

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We have a four month old Shiba puppy who is normally very lively, but this weekend she woke up and was sick four times, and didn't want to do anything. We took her to the vets, where she immediately perked up and wanted to play with everyone. She didn't have a temperature so the vet said she'd rather see how she gets on without treatment. (She also had a gunky eye, which the vet checked for scratches and said seemed ok).

Once she got home she seemed ok, but wouldn't really eat, when she went to the toilet she did have diarrhea, but didn't seem to have any problem controlling when to go. The next morning she was sick again, and lethargic again, and keeps pawing at her face (although she is teething quite badly too I think) so we took her back to the vet, who gave her a jab for sickness and some food to help her tummy.

Again she perked up and seemed fine for the rest of the day, and the next day, although still not eating very much.

Yesterday morning she was sick again in the morning and didn't want to do anything other than curl up on the sofa, but perked up throughout the day and was fine in the evening. We had booked another vet's appointment, but cancelled it as she seemed to improve. She wouldn't eat her normal food or the special food, but she did have some tuna and her poop seemed to be less runny

This morning she wasn't sick, but she didn't wake up when she normally would, and was very quiet, and then went back into her crate of her own accord, which she only normally does if she's scared of something.

I'm going to make another vet appointment for this evening, but I'm sure she'll seem fine by then, and don't really know what to do, as it's difficult to convince them there's something wrong when she seems so normal when she gets there.

Just wondered if anyone had experienced anything similar? It's so strange how it comes and goes, which makes me worry she's getting to something that's poisoning her, but I can't identify anything that she's regularly in contact with that could do that.

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