Puppy turns into a monster at 6pm

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Sorry for posting a lot, i feel like I'm at my wit's end with a lot of things.

So my 5 month old goes nuts in the evenings. I'll detail our schedule below, but I'm so stressed I dread the end of the work day. He'll be fine and peaceful all morning and afternoon but as soon as I take him out for evening time he gets wild and barks and bites and sprints and pees and is generally a terror. Things will go like this:

I'll let him play with the older dog in the kitchen, but my puppy will quickly escalate things past polite playing and my older dog wants the get out of there. So then I'll try and calm him a bit and then start to play with him and then he gets over stimulated and barky, so we'll switch to basic training, but then he gets frustrated and sassy and starts biting, hard, and I'll do my "ow" and walk away bit, and then as soon as I leave sight hell pee, despite going out 20 minutes prior. Then when dinner time rolls around he wants nothing to do with food. So he's not hungry, has been resting all day, and has just gone out but is impossible, barky, and bitey for the rest of the night. What the fuck am I doing wrong.

8am-10am up, potty, walk, play/training, breakfast, everything's fine. 10-2pm crates very well! 2-3pm afternoon walk/play/training, sleepy cause it's hot 3-6:30 crates very well! 6:30-10 evening time, play/training, dinner, play/training, attempt to practice chilling in the house but inevitably just barks and bites and pees and destroys my sanity until I cry and put him to sleep at 10pm

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