Puppy trying to play with old chihuahua

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Hi, I have two doggos. The first one is Ámbar (FChihuahua,12) and the newer one is Jäeger (MGerman Shepherd, 2 months and a half). I've got Jäeger for two weeks now but since the first day he's been too rough with Ámbar. He tries to play bitting like with his brothers, but she is just too tiny, old and fragile for that and gets really annoyed and scared. I'm afraid she may even start to hate him. I've been teaching Jäeger the basics and I never teached Ámbar anything cause I was so young. The puppy just doesn't know that he's hurting her, he just wants to play, but I'm afraid one day he'll really hurt her. I just want to make the 2 get along and be able to keep them together without supervision cause Jäeger may want to "play", please, any advice?

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