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Hello! I am the proud owner of an almost 11-week old golden retriever puppy and am in need of advice with training.

I want to socialize him ASAP and have been told the prime time is before they are 12 weeks old. He bites and is pretty aggressive/energetic when playing so I really am wanting his behavior to improve, however, I have two less than ideal options.

Option 1: Do a 5-day overnight training program with a reputable company in town as soon as next week. Pros: I could get him in sooner and I know he would learn a lot. Cons: Expensive, I’m not sure if these types of training programs are recommended or not. They use positive reinforcement and multiple trainers and I get follow up lessons and they seem like a great company but I just don’t know if is what’s best for my pup because the idea of “sending him away” sounds weird to me :/

Option 2: Do weekly puppy classes at Pet Smart or Petco. Pros: Less expensive, I wouldn’t have to send him away. Cons: I couldn’t get him until he’s 15 or 16 weeks old and I’m worried that’s too late and it will be harder to train away certain behaviors.

Any advice would be much appreciated!!

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