Puppy throwing up

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My border-collie, pitbull mix, Zeus, is four months old now. As of this last week, he’s been vomiting like clockwork a few hours after his lunch.

I took him to the vet, and the vet reported nothing was obstructing his stomach and there was nothing medically wrong with Zeus. they gave me some meds and I’ve been giving them to Zeus.

Thing is he hasn’t gotten any better. Today was the worst instance, in which he puked up his breakfast just a tad; then his lunch entirely, then his dinner entirely. The vet said as long as he has his energy about him, and the puke didn’t contain bile or blood, it seems he wasn’t suffering from any parasites or anything. In effect the puke is literally his kibble, completely unchewed for the most part. No blood, no bile, no mucus. If anything I’m wondering if the problem is he isn’t chewing properly his kibble.

He’s been eating the same kibble he’s been eating for the last few months and we’ve never had a problem. I also have him eating using a variety of puzzle feeders because otherwise he’d eat too fast. I know after he pukes he seems fine and he wants to play just fine and is at his same energy level, but it kills me to see him vomiting so frequently ): if he’s vomiting all of his meals — how is he supposed to function of this keeps happening with nothing in his stomach?

I’m also unsure what to do tonight. Now that he’s got no meals in his stomach — should I feed him something to settle his stomach so he’s got something in his belly? I’m going to call the vet again tomorrow for feedback but figured I would vent/see if anyone has gone through the same problem.

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