Puppy tantrums. Is it normal?

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This is about a relatives dog that I am babysitting. She is a lab puppy, about 10 months old and maybe fifty pounds. She has tantrums, seemingly all the time. She sees someone and they don't pet her? Tantrum. I won't let her go darting up to an on leash dog? Tantrum. She wants to harrass my parent's dog and he's not into it? Tantrum. She peed on the carpet at my parents house yesterday so I put her one leash to prevent a second accident. Tantrum.

I don't know if this is normal? I'm used to my parent's dog who is about 18 months. I did most of his training (still take him to agility and rally classes) and babysat him all the time. He had tantrums when he was really tiny, usually because he got worried that we'd walked too far from him, but my ten months he was not acting anything like this.

The dog's owners don't see this behaviour apparently, my guess would be that's because they don't take her many places and they let her just run up to everyone, which because she is cute people seem to tolerate.

Also – she has an odd tendency (or odd to me?) During play where she will initiate play and then immediately act scared (roll over, tail tucked, tried to mouth lick the other dog) but then as soon as the other dog stops she will launch herself up and go teeth first straight for their face.

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